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Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do, or nothing you should.

Except just sit there and let the thing be fixed.

Maybe you’ve said or done everything that you imagine you could do then, and nothing’s materialized yet. Or maybe you’ve just alienated people by what you had to say, what you thought and felt, and what you did. Maybe the event or situation that you wanted to fix or get things out of or remove from your life hasn’t changed one bit, and you’re out of ideas and running low on energy…

There are others here, that care just as much as you. Letting them care allows you to see it if you weren’t before, and also lets you get a glimpse of the people that simply can’t do what you want them to or aren’t willing to.

Now, all of it might hurt - the inactivity, the hoping and waiting, the receiving and the possibility that all it would do is give people a better opportunity to walk away or things to get worse. But if all they already want to do is walk, you can’t stop them. But if they want to stay, you can’t force them either. Let them come closer if they wish, and if they want to go further away you’ll have to wipe your eyes and deal with that as well. And if the thing is to be fixed, everyone involved in it needs to fix it. It could never be all you. You’re not the only person who created it, so it takes all the hands to destroy it.

So breathe. Keep your hands in your pockets. Let someone else tag in. You’re tired. There’s only so much you can do. See if someone else wants to try, and let them.

They lied. We do have all the answers.

Just do the test. If you keep doubting yourself, you’ll never finish.

What the hell is 'alone'?

Those times when you’re feeling lonely and abandoned are just the times where you forgot the keys to your emotional home. But, sooner or later, you’ll be guided back to the place where your spirit needs to be. By the people that love you. So you need to remember that they’re there for you, and let them hold your hand and guide you there.

Some of it is about you, but not all of it.

Learn the balance. You are going through some things, but that is no reason to ignore the places and things that still guide the actions of those you care about. Give them room to work out those things, and be there for them. Speak, but listen as well.

You are strong.

You have a strength that can never truly be measured. The last time you thought you gave your all, you won. And the next time you think you’ve had enough, you can simply push through. Give your muscles the credit they deserve. They’ve served you well.

Serve them back. Believe in them. And then use them.

Trust your audience.

They can always read when your’re nervous, sorrowful, or tense. So trust that they can tell when you’re sincere.

They are smart, and truly interested in the person you portray in the stage called life. And, as long as you stay in character, and the character is likable, you’ve got nothing to worry about.